“Pick a country,” her mom said. “Research a country we can move to, Faith. We can’t stay here anymore.”   Faith looked up from her secondhand book on Guatemala and surveyed her room. The walls were painted in Rhino, a shade of peaceful grey that showed hues of green or blue, depending on light.   […]

Every now and again, some media outlet creates an article or video that goes, “Listen up! We have new insight into life that will change your world!” But thing is, these secular bits of wisdom, revelations, or perspective-changing truths are never anything new. All truth is age-old truth. As King Solomon said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  […]

I met 20 year-old Peter at the start of our travels around Taiwan in a hostel. As my family and I traveled through the country, we were continually surprised and impressed at the unending and untouched beauty of the abounding rivers, mountains, and seas. But what drew us in most was the openness and sincere kindness of […]

I’ve recommended George Town on my Top Spots in Malaysia for the famously high-rated food, cute cafés, nice people, street art, scenery and history. The entire town of George Town is a highly visited UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Penang. It’s in the north of the Malaysian peninsula off the west coast, below Langkawi. It makes […]

This is the story of my mom’s and my spontaneous adventure on Thailand’s island Koh Lanta. What should have been a leisurely walk turned out to be a race against a storm, a storm which, we later found out, proved perilous in nearby India and Sri Lanka.  *** Koh Lanta’s coastline was a funny mixture, a […]