Having a hard time choosing which islands to visit in the Maldives? With over 200 inhabited islands, it can be hard to narrow it down! Take a look at these local, budget islands to help you choose some of the places you might like to go.

Just a couple miles from Chinatown in Malaysia’s capital, there’s a Massage School for the Blind and a corresponding massage clinic called Shujin. Without the training and livelihood provided by the school and massage center, many of those in the program would have otherwise turned to prostitution.   The Shujin massage clinic is in an […]

Koh Tao, Thailand I am sitting at the Koh Tao pier in Thailand watching tourists move slowly in line, towing their luggage towards a massive, sleek passenger boat. From this same pier, I too took a boat, but it wasn’t to go back to the mainland or to stay on a nearby island. I went […]