I read an article once with the title “Grieving Someone Alive.” I didn’t find the contents of that article particularly interesting or helpful, but the concept stuck with me. No one really talks about grieving people who are still alive. But it’s a real experience that just about everyone goes through, especially victims of divorce. […]

Every now and again, some media outlet creates an article or video that goes, “Listen up! We have new insight into life that will change your world!” But thing is, these secular bits of wisdom, revelations, or perspective-changing truths are never anything new. All truth is age-old truth. As King Solomon said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  […]

After their required hour of outside play was over, the four children convened in Stacey’s room for a ‘toldie.’ As the eldest, Stacey naturally liked to lead. Full of ideas and always looking for excitement, she decided to turn her sometimes annoying little siblings into cool club members. Basing their club identities on four mystery solvers […]

Several female travel bloggers and I teamed up to share our stories about how we each travel while dealing with some kind of health condition, disease, or handicap. Our collaboration post was published on Wearetheearth.nl.   You can click here to read about how our handicaps haven’t deterred us from seeing the world! We got a […]