This is the story of my mom’s and my spontaneous adventure on Thailand’s island Koh Lanta. What should have been a leisurely walk turned out to be a race against a storm, a storm which, we later found out, proved perilous in nearby India and Sri Lanka.  *** Koh Lanta’s coastline was a funny mixture, a […]

Jewish New Year   We flew back to Israel for the second time on Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish calendar consists of quite a few celebrations and holidays that are divided into “high” (very important) and “low” (significant, but less important) holidays. The month of Tishrei is the most jam packed with three High, holy holidays. […]

Koh Tao, Thailand I am sitting at the Koh Tao pier in Thailand watching tourists move slowly in line, towing their luggage towards a massive, sleek passenger boat. From this same pier, I too took a boat, but it wasn’t to go back to the mainland or to stay on a nearby island. I went […]