It was 8:45am. We had just touched down in Athens, but still hadn’t decided where we were going once we cleared the airport. We had options, plenty of options, but couldn’t make up our minds between them. So we decided to just let the wind take us along. It would be one of those, “I […]

From time to time, you guys inquire after how Grace is doing with our constant, far-flung travels. Although we like to spend as much time in each country as we can, in less than two years we’ve been to 19 countries. So how has Grace done?     We started our travels with a Grace […]

Traveling constantly, without any semblance of a stable home, at some point leaves you breathless, fatigued. Even travelers who have been gone for just one month confess to feeling weary. The massive amount of energy that goes into being abroad each day has quite surprised me. On-the-go, dig-your-heels-in deep travel, for any extended period, proves […]

“Pick a country,” her mom said. “Research a country we can move to, Faith. We can’t stay here anymore.”   Faith looked up from her secondhand book on Guatemala and surveyed her room. The walls were painted in Rhino, a shade of peaceful grey that showed hues of green or blue, depending on light.   […]

What holds you back from traveling?   I’ve received a lot of questions from people wondering how I make a life of indefinite travel work. Where does the money come from? What will I do when it runs out? What about getting married? I answer the five most frequently asked questions here to demystify the […]

Here is a note I wrote during the process of trying to sell our home in the US in 2014. This was before we made the decision to not settle down again, but become nomadic backpackers instead.   So today we were running around doing our duties for the day: 8am I picked up boxes […]