Come for the nature, stay for the culture!   Pelion is a peninsula on the eastern side of the Greek mainland. There are 24 villages throughout the area and one big city, Volos, which is the sixth largest city in Greece. Pelion is a place where culture has not yet died out. The simple way […]

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. This paradise is absolutely attainable on a budget.   We were in Milan(o) trying to figure out what to do and where to go next. It was the middle of summer. Every report we were fed about Rome and Vienna sounded frustratingly crowded. But, while studying a map […]

A lot of people will poo-poo and tell you that it’s impossible to legally land a job in Hong Kong without a university degree. As it turns out, it’s definitely possible, especially if you’re a native English speaker! (To understand why you can do it legally, check out this article by hongkongvisageeza)   Actually, most […]

We traveled around the Philippines’ northernmost island, Luzon, for under two weeks, checking out an active volcano and the mountains. Most people think of gorgeous beaches when envisioning the Philippines. But of course there’s more than that here. The northern islands’ best attractions are mountains, forests and cooler weather. Since Manila, where we were starting […]

Having a hard time choosing which islands to visit in the Maldives? With over 200 inhabited islands, it can be hard to narrow it down! Take a look at these local, budget islands to help you choose some of the places you might like to go.

We took a tuk tuk tour through our hostel in Kandy today. Our first stop was at an elephant sanctuary to see retired elephants bathe in the river and go about their daily routine. We chose Millennium Elephant Foundation over Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage for its cheaper entrance fee (1,000 rupees- about US$6.50- vs 2,500.)     […]

In short, I highly recommend taking the slow ferry over to the Gili islands, provided that you like a little adventure and are not super short on time. Here’s our experience: After hearing about the nearby, chilled out specks of land called the Gili islands, my family and I decided to take a trip out […]

I’ve recommended George Town on my Top Spots in Malaysia for the famously high-rated food, cute cafés, nice people, street art, scenery and history. The entire town of George Town is a highly visited UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Penang. It’s in the north of the Malaysian peninsula off the west coast, below Langkawi. It makes […]