We traveled around the Philippines’ northernmost island, Luzon, for under two weeks, checking out an active volcano and the mountains. Most people think of gorgeous beaches when envisioning the Philippines. But of course there’s more than that here. The northern islands’ best attractions are mountains, forests and cooler weather. Since Manila, where we were starting […]

We drove up to this cute farm somewhat on a whim (but mostly thanks to the Campermate app!) after changing plans three times that day. Traveling straight down New Zealand’s north island, this campsite makes a perfect overnight stop just off highway 3. The sign when you turn in says, “Backpackers Welcome.” It’s always nice […]

“Pick a country,” her mom said. “Research a country we can move to, Faith. We can’t stay here anymore.”   Faith looked up from her secondhand book on Guatemala and surveyed her room. The walls were painted in Rhino, a shade of peaceful grey that showed hues of green or blue, depending on light.   […]

I met 20 year-old Peter at the start of our travels around Taiwan in a hostel. As my family and I traveled through the country, we were continually surprised and impressed at the unending and untouched beauty of the abounding rivers, mountains, and seas. But what drew us in most was the openness and sincere kindness of […]

What holds you back from traveling?   I’ve received a lot of questions from people wondering how I make a life of indefinite travel work. Where does the money come from? What will I do when it runs out? What about getting married? I answer the five most frequently asked questions here to demystify the […]

Several female travel bloggers and I teamed up to share our stories about how we each travel while dealing with some kind of health condition, disease, or handicap. Our collaboration post was published on Wearetheearth.nl.   You can click here to read about how our handicaps haven’t deterred us from seeing the world! We got a […]

  As summer days are turning into chilly Autumn breezes, the sunshiny days of quantitative easing (QE) are doing the same. The stage props on the centrally-run economic stage are falling and warm faith in the U.S. dollar has taken on a new chill. The BRICS nations are calling for a major monetary reform and […]