Traveling constantly, without any semblance of a stable home, at some point leaves you breathless, fatigued. Even travelers who have been gone for just one month confess to feeling weary. The massive amount of energy that goes into being abroad each day has quite surprised me. On-the-go, dig-your-heels-in deep travel, for any extended period, proves […]

We drove up to this cute farm somewhat on a whim (but mostly thanks to the Campermate app!) after changing plans three times that day. Traveling straight down New Zealand’s north island, this campsite makes a perfect overnight stop just off highway 3. The sign when you turn in says, “Backpackers Welcome.” It’s always nice […]

If you haven’t heard, Taipei is my favorite city in the world. This isn’t only because there are three Costcos there. But I’d be lying if I said Costco wasn’t part of it, or that the thought of entering Costco for the first time since leaving home didn’t make me excited for a whole month […]

“Pick a country,” her mom said. “Research a country we can move to, Faith. We can’t stay here anymore.”   Faith looked up from her secondhand book on Guatemala and surveyed her room. The walls were painted in Rhino, a shade of peaceful grey that showed hues of green or blue, depending on light.   […]

Just a couple miles from Chinatown in Malaysia’s capital, there’s a Massage School for the Blind and a corresponding massage clinic called Shujin. Without the training and livelihood provided by the school and massage center, many of those in the program would have otherwise turned to prostitution.   The Shujin massage clinic is in an […]

Every now and again, some media outlet creates an article or video that goes, “Listen up! We have new insight into life that will change your world!” But thing is, these secular bits of wisdom, revelations, or perspective-changing truths are never anything new. All truth is age-old truth. As King Solomon said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  […]